Celebrate the Holidays with a Tablescape

No matter what holiday tradition you celebrate, the meals and the time spent around the dining table usually hold a lot of importance.  During the holidays the dinner table is a place to have a family meal, perform traditional practices, share stories, and even pass some wisdom down from generation to generation. We want to help you add that extra touch of holiday spirit to … Continue reading Celebrate the Holidays with a Tablescape


A Slice Of Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is a special day to spend with family and close friends giving thanks for all our blessings. Around here we’re all about family and entertaining. Whether you already have traditions in place or you’re just starting your family traditions we’ve got some décor and food ideas to share. THE DÉCOR: We know you can’t eat the décor but to us it sure makes everything taste … Continue reading A Slice Of Thanksgiving Tradition


5 Steps to Floral Designing in Silk

Our clients who travel frequently find it difficult to keep fresh flowers or plants in their homes.  Luckily, there is a wonderful solution available to them in the form of silk flowers.  Arrangements can be customized to suit any location.  Size, container, color, flower, and foliage choice can all be arranged to suit! Seldens Designer, Lori Broznowski, shows you step by step how she put together … Continue reading 5 Steps to Floral Designing in Silk

Small Colorful Gourds Collection With Autumn Leaves

10 Ways To Use Pumpkins & Gourds

This time of year we see plenty of pumpkins and gourds every time we go to the grocery store. There is a multitude of sizes from huge to mini pumpkins and tons of different kinds of gourds. If you’re wondering how to use them in your autumn decor here are 10 examples we thought were pretty terrific. Set an autumn table with a centerpiece using … Continue reading 10 Ways To Use Pumpkins & Gourds


Reading Spaces: Let’s Get Cozy

Whether you love reading books or magazines or you enjoy working a crossword puzzle you need a cozy space to hunker down and immerse yourself. Cozy spaces can help you Regroup, Restore and Relax. Warm, Cozy and Comfortable . . . a fireplace and a comfy chair is all you need.     Create a cozy reading corner to soak up the warm winter sun while … Continue reading Reading Spaces: Let’s Get Cozy


16 Décor Ideas to Welcome Fall

As fall begins to wrap itself around autumn colors it inspired us to find some home décor ideas to welcome the season change. Start at the front door to create a cozy welcome on a crisp autumn day. Fall color splendor makes an entryway vignette spectacular. Create an inviting living room with a beautiful fall display on your mantle. If you like DIY crafts below are … Continue reading 16 Décor Ideas to Welcome Fall