Our New Identity Takes Flight


Have you noticed some changes? We’ve been making improvements and we’re pleased to share the end result with our community.

While our logo is new, the ideas behind it are traditional. We created our new image from pieces of Seldens’ history, including the Selden’s family crest.


Not certain if the species of bird on the crest was a duck, goose, or swan, we retained its ambiguity as a reflection of the diversity found in our customer base. Whether you identify with a practical duck, an elegant goose, or a luxurious swan, we are able to satisfy your individual tastes.


Our identity brings new promise blended with traditional values. You can expect the same principles and commitment to exemplary service that have made us the preferred home furnishings destination for over sixty years. What you can look forward to is an even larger assortment of styles from leading designer furniture brands and a range of financing options to bring home the pieces you love. Whether you’re a long-time customer or a first-time visitor, we welcome you to experience the possibility when your dream home is only an idea away.


To find out more, please visit onlyanideaaway.com.

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