The Ultimate Dad’s Recliner

Who has a chair in their home that everyone seems to silently agree it’s “Dad’s” chair? In a lot of homes, the Dad chair is a staple. We love this article about how special a dad’s chair can be in the home.

With football season in full swing, we have deemed this month’s product highlight the ultimate Dad’s chair from American Leather.

When choosing that ultimate throne there are five key elements to consider:

    • Comfort: You need to ask yourself in what cases will you be using the chair. Do you like to take naps? Well then you need a chair that the feet can go up and the back can lay flat. Are you more of a movie person or a reader? If you are reading a lot, you want a chair that you are comfortable resting your arms on if holding a book. If you watch a lot of TV, you want a chair that gives you options of how far you want to lean back. On top of it all, the support the chair gives should be comfortable with your height and weight. So make sure you try out the chair and sit in it before you buy. This chair could be a life long commitment!

Extra Long Footrest

    • Motion: There are many different features you can request of a chair. These different types of features can include back reclining, footrest, pillow headrest, manual or automatic, a swivel base, or sometimes even a massage feature! Think about what components you think you would enjoy on a daily basis.

Infinite Back Positions

    1. Scale: Men don’t want to sit on a tiny chair that doesn’t support them after a long day. One size does not fit all. Find that personalized comfort that provides proper support in depth and height.

4 different sizes

    • Material: The most popular material for a Man’s chair has maintained its status for a long time, and that is, yes you guessed it, leather! With age and use, leather holds up nicely, as well as becomes more comfortable after adjusting to bodies sitting in it. There must be something about the look, smell, and feel of leather for a man. There are also many other fabrics such as suede, pet friendly fabrics, busy family fabrics, and much more.

leather swatches

  • Eye appeal: Two words that could be used to describe a great dad chair are sturdy and rugged. The chair needs to look masculine not dainty.


The month of October Selden’s is having a sale for the American Leather Comfort Recliner Chair. The engineering in this product is perfect for a Dad’s chair. It is great for movie night, watching football games, or even a nice place to relax at home everyday. This sale can save you up to $250 on MSRP and if you order before October 27, you can have it in your home by Thanksgiving – just in time to show off your new favorite piece to Holiday visitors.

The Comfort Recliner allows you to pick a power or manual feature and has four size options so it is customized for you. These options allow you to get that perfect fit for your chair. Investing in a quality piece that is sure to last through the years is the right way to ensure dad has a comfortable spot to sit in after work. Our final piece of advice for you when it comes to dad’s chair: Never let him catch you lounging in it!

Shop American Leather Comfort Recliner at:

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