Stickley Furniture Month

October is Stickley Furniture month. The superior craftsmanship of Stickley is what has allowed it to stay as valued and timeless as it has since it first started in 1900. “To the best of my ability” is the motto that has carried on the work of the Stickley brothers since its start. From traditional, to casual, to contemporary pieces, Stickley furniture has whatever style you are looking for in your home. Every piece of Stickley furniture is giving you a handcrafted work of art with impeccable quality, and everlasting value. Know for their handcrafted wood pieces, because of techniques like Pinned Motise and Tenon Joinery to lock the joints in place offering exceptional strength. And material like Solid Quartersawn White Oak again offering exceptional strength and making it much less likely to crack, check or warp than flat sawn oak.


Stickley also offers an array of upholstered and leather furniture items to choose from. There are many different collections of furniture within Stickley and each has its own unique design and look. Many pieces of furniture are so treasured they become heirlooms within the family and it even has a group of devoted collectors after them. There is a kind of romance about Stickley furniture that really captivates people. No matter what anyone says, furniture is what makes a home a home. If you want something that is made to last, as well as a timeless design, Stickley is the furniture for you. Why buy something you know you will have to replace in a year or two?


Right now is also a special time for Stickley because they are releasing a special commemorative bench. This edition is a part of the Gus line and has a beautifully woven leather seat. If ordered before October 31, 2014, you will get a numbered plaque on your piece of furniture. These benches can make a dramatic difference in any room in your home. This item is especially going to be a huge hit with those big stickley collectors. This is something you are going to want to check out, here is the link to pre register and find out more information on the Stickley 2015 Collectors Item
Check out these before and after photos of a North Tacoma home that was revamped with all Stickley Furniture from the Mission line.


One thought on “Stickley Furniture Month

  1. I love Stickley furniture because they do become family heirlooms. In my family alone, we have several pieces of furniture that have been passed down. I think the leather is what appeals to my family. Great Stickley month!

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