11 Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving Party

1) Decorations –
One word, pumpkins! You might have some left over from Halloween, or you might be able to find some discounted for your decorations and who doesn’t love a deal? OK two words, and pinecones! Pinecones can usually be found in your own yard and can be used for multiple decorations. Thanksgiving colors involve a lot of the usual fall tones (orange, brown, yellow, white, red, green,) but gold is a huge one this year and even a little hint of purple, you should try it!

pumpkin decorations

Thanksgiving pinecone decorations

2) Appetizers –
Keep appetizers light. Your guests are expecting to leave your house full, but don’t let them fill up before they get to the main event of your meal (which we have all been guilty of a time or two)! Deviled eggs are great, as well as baked brie cheese with crackers. Of course fruits and vegetables are always a great way to go for a light appetizer. We love this Turkey fruit tray we found online, it would be a hit at any Thanksgiving party!

Thanksgiving appetizers

3) Main Course –
When people try to venture away from the traditional Thanksgiving meal it can be amazing or it can be a disaster. If you want to try something new, we suggest incorporating it with some traditional foods so your guests aren’t sad they won’t be having their mashed potatoes. So if you wanted to switch up those potatoes, we suggest trying a twice-baked potato casserole.

Turkey Thanksgiving

4) Dessert –
What is Thanksgiving without Pumpkin pie? That should always be a go-to, but there are always a few of those picky eaters who don’t like pumpkin. Here is a list we found of 75 not-pumpkin desserts you can try!

5) Table settings –
The table is the center point of the entire Holiday. It’s where everyone will come together to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal and share stories. Don’t make the centerpieces too tall so that people on each side can’t see the other, and make sure you have all the proper utensils and glassware needed for what you are serving.

Table Setting

6) Scent –
There is something different in the air about fall and getting into the Holiday spirit. And creating a warm and cozy smell in your home can put just about anyone in the holiday mood. For Thanksgiving you don’t want to mix too many different smells because the day has a lot to do with food. So try to keep same scent of candle or incense througout the house. Some of our favorites are cinnamon, pumpkin pie, cranberry, and vanilla.

Thanksgiving Scent

7) Personal touch –
Make your Thanksgiving different from everyone else’s by adding your own person touch. It can be a note to everyone attending about why you are grateful for them, a quote about being thankful on a chalkboard in the home, unique invitations, or even extravagant decorations.

8) Drinks –
Wine should always be a main drink option for those guests of yours over 21, but we found this yummy recipe off of the Food Network that would be a fun way to switch it up! And don’t ever forget the Sparkling Cider for those who will not be drinking alcohol, that is always a favorite!

Thanksgiving Drinks

9) Entertainment –
You never need to go over the top with entertainment but sometimes its fun to have a little activity either before or after dinner, especially if you have a bunch of guests who don’t really know each other. You can play Bingo, charades, “thankful” for circles, Ginger bread house making, and other fun contest that everyone can be involved in.

10) Tips and Tricks for the day –
Make sure you are organized; know what the menu is going to be for that night at least a week in advance. Set the table and clean the glasses and dishes on Tuesday that week. Make a cooking plan; know what foods will take the longest and in what order you need to be cooking each thing. Have a clean up plan and never be afraid to ask for help. You might be the hostess of Thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean you are the only one who has to be doing all of the work! Always over prepare on the amount of food. You would rather have left overs than have to tell someone that you ran out of food.

11) Post-meal Relaxation –
How can we forget the furniture tip?! We call this one the Turkey Flop. It is the truth that even though everyone tried to convince themselves that they weren’t going to eat as much as last year…they probably will. After eating your big, delicious meal, your guests will want space to spread out and digest. Make sure you have ample furniture to support the number of people in your home so that they can feel comfortable. Your guests will love the American Leather Comfort Theater line on sale now at Seldens so be sure to check that out!

American Leather Comfort Theatre Seating

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