10 Tips for a Better Nights Sleep

bettersleept “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in a doctor’s book.” – Irish Poverb 10 Tips from Signature MD for a better nights sleep.

  1. Maintain a consistent daily schedule
  2. Reduce caffeine intake
  3. Turn off the computer or television
  4. Don’t go to bed on full stomach
  5. Don’t go to bed on an empty stomach
  6. Engage in regular exercise
  7. Limit beverage consumption before bed
  8. Keep your bedroom dark and quiet
  9. Invest in a comfortable mattress, pillow & bedding
  10. Go to sleep and wake up using your internal alarm clock.

sleepbetter Seldens Home Furniture sleep gallery, Getting your best nights sleep starts here. Number 9 on this list says that a comfortable mattress can make all the difference in your sleep. The two most important factors to look at when picking the right mattress for yourself is pressure relief and proper alignment. When a mattress conforms to you, it supports the natural arches of your body. With a mattress the properly supports your spine, you will wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Try out our Bed Match system today in stores and see which mattress to live is best to bring you your best night’s sleep. There are some things to consider when evaluating if your current mattress should be kept or tossed. There is a possibility you could be allergic to your mattress. Dust mites can make your sleeping domain their home. Make sure you are frequently washing your pillowcases and sheet in hot water. Sometimes its too late though and its time to invest in your next mattress. Are you sleeping better when you are away from home? This might be a sign that you need a new mattress. Tossing and turning might mean that your mattress doesn’t have the same support that it used to, which makes it uncomfortable for you at night. If you notice one side of the bed (where you sleep) has a sunk-in part, its time for a new one. seldenssleepgallery Some side effects of sleep deprivation can be unstable weight fluctuation, heart disease, memory loss, High blood pressure, and a weak immune system. We challenge you to try to get your best night’s sleep ever!

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