Pantone 2015 Color of the Year – Marsala


Each year Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, releases a color of the year. 2015’s color is a deep earthy wine red tone called Marsala. This subtle yet seductive color can bring character and elegance into your home when present.


In past years, Pantone has named very vibrant and bright colors leaving home decorating to mostly accessories. With Marsala having a warm earthy tone to it, you can go bold and get a huge sectional all in the Marsala color without over doing it.

The best color matches for Marsala is to bring warm and comforting tones to your home. Marsala pairs best with chocolate browns, light golden colors, blue-ish grays, copper tones, and khakis, just to name a few. We have showed some examples in the image below.


We have seen sofas in Marsala as a main focal point of a room as well as accent chairs to accompany a lighter color sofa. Rugs are a great way to play up this color and arranging a room’s décor around that. Accessories are obviously a great way to go especially if you have a very light colored room. You can use the color Marsala in pillows, candles, lamps, blankets, kitchen accessories and appliances, curtains, wall art and even just with your red glass of wine! All of those can be tied in together to bring that elegant yet warm feeling to your home.


This wine red is great for home décor, jackets, dresses, lipstick colors, sunglasses, shoes, purses, suits, nail polish, and even wedding colors. We believe Pantone hit it out of the park this year with this color choice. It will be used and loved for years to come and we would recommended it in any home. Please visit our Pinterest page to see other great ways Marsala is being used!

If you have ever seen one of our big delivery trucks rolling around town, you know Seldens has been ahead of the curve on the whole Marsala-like color trend for A LOT of years!

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