Football Party Favorites


Football Party Favorites

Here at Selden’s we root for the Seahawks. So if they are not your team you can ignore some of our blue and green suggestions and just turn them into your teams colors! …Or you can decide to root for the better team, its up to you J.

We have gathered some of our favorite things for a football party from all over the Internet for you. Take a look for some ideas and inspirations!


  1. Mascot trivia game


  1. Crock pot recipes

Using a crockpot is great way to go because you are able to make a large amount for your guests. But you can also just let the food sit there and cook so you can enjoy the game. Chili or pulled pork for Pulled Pork sandwiches are always a great idea.


  1. Jell-O Shot


  1. Football Deviled eggs


  1. Seahawks Rice Krispy Treats


  1. Blueberry Mojito


  1. Baked Tator-Tot Dip


  1. Football Bingo

Check out our Pinterest page for even more ideas!

What are some of your favorite football party traditions or recipes?

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