Trend Watch: One Room, One Color.


We have been using a great new trend in home décor that is timeless. The idea is that you use the same color family all through out a room, or your home. Then change accents and other pieces to match but just in a different shade of that color.

There are multiple ways you can incorporate this style into your home to make it fit how you like it.


1. Lighter vs. Darker


This is the base for the whole idea of decorating with the same color family. If you take a shade of grey for your sofa you can partner a chair with a darker shade of grey to build contrast. From there you can choose different greys for curtains, lampshades, rugs and more. We love this before and after photo from Thrifty & Chic because it really shows how this concept breathes life into a room.

2. Patterns


Instead of trying to get every shade of one color under the sun you can also partner the same color through a visual balance. When one focal item is a solid print of a color, partner it with something else that has a fun pattern in that same color.

3. Textures


Textures can mean a multitude of things. Although you are still going to want to try to get different shades of a color, they don’t need to be as drastic if you find great textures for furniture or decorative pieces. Look for items that are noticeably different such as a fabric headboard instead of a wood one because that will help balance it out for other wood items in the room.

4. Best colors


This concept can be used with all different colors but our favorites are great basics that you will love for many years. We like greys, whites, browns, and khakis. They can each be played up with light colored pieces if you want to add some spunk to your room.


Keeping your home or a certain room in the same color tones allows for a more relaxed environment. The room flows well and you’re more likely to love it longer because you don’t have any crazy pieces you weren’t sure about buying in the first place.

Just like putting on make up, you wouldn’t use purple eye shadow with green eyeliner. Complimenting two colors such as gold or medium brown eye shadow with dark brown eyeliner gives a more even and natural glow-effect on your eyes, and your home décor can follow that same idea.

Try this out in a room in your room today!


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