Great Ways to Use Metallics in Your Home.


Metallics are here to stay, and a great way to add that designer touch and eclectic look that we are seeing everywhere. Below we show some great ways to incorporate these beautiful metals from the warm tones of gold, copper, and brass materials to the cool tones of nickel, chrome, and stainless steal. The nice thing about metallic is that it doesn’t have to be matchy matchy. If the finish doesn’t match exactly that is ok as long as you love the piece it will work. If you play it right, you can even mix silvers with gold and bronzes. In fact, it is even encouraged but a lot of designers!


  1. Accessories

You can use a large array of metallic-like items that match your room. It can be a vase, a bowl, a candle, a picture frame, a light fixture, and so much more. Even pillows with a metallic surface can add so much to a room or a sofa.



  1. Furniture

There are some great furniture pieces that are fly mirrored, or bronzed legged. They can be used to enhance a room’s elegance or to add a different touch to a shabby-chic room. There are so many possibilities. These are a couple pieces that we carry that are great for this.


  1. Accent walls

Now if you are really bold, you can put in a metallic-like wall in your room or home! You can even paint the ceiling a metallic color, and it looks great if you have a vaulted ceiling too! This creates a great look that gives great character to any room.


  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are great for any room. They bring in light, they are amazing wall art, and they always come in handy too J. There are some amazing mirrors out there with beautiful borders, and that cam sometimes even be the focal point of a room. There is also some great furniture such as dressers and coffee tables, that are made out of mirror like material and they are fabulous!



  1. Gold, Silver, Copper, and Bronze!

With different metallic you can warm up a room by using golds, coppers, and bronzes in a room. Silver accents are classic and will add elegance to any bright room in your home. Pictured below is a great after photo of a home project from our designer Molly. She used subtle metalics throughout the room to add charm.


Shiny, metallic materials can be bold in your home and they can also be subtle. Adjust it to your style, but know that Metallic is not young or cheap looking, its actually quite elegant. With these pieces you will bring a clean and crisp contemporary look to your home. Would you enjoy metallic-like items in your home?

MetallicsMetallicsCheck out our Pinterest board for even more Metallic inspiration!

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