12 Ways to Decorate a Small Room


12 Ways to Decorate a Small Room

1.Use light colors

Utilize mirrors and lighting as well.

Small Room

  1. Tall headboards

Tall pieces create the illusion of higher ceilings.

Small Room

  1. Make use of hidden storage

There are a lot of DIY projects out there for creating hidden storage as well as already made furniture that comes with a removable lid or hidden drawers for more storage.


 Small Room


  1. Stripes elongate the space

Small Room 

  1. Accessories

Don’t use a bunch of small décor pieces, instead use fewer larger pieces


 Small Room

  1. Mount your TV

Small Room

  1. Sofa

Choose sofas or chairs with exposed/raised legs to create more open space.

Small Room

  1. Multifunctional pieces

Buy multifunctional furniture such as an ottoman that can be a foot rest, seating, and a coffee table all in one.

Small Room

  1. Spacing your furniture

Try not to place all of your furniture against the wall. Leaving space between or angling furniture creates the feeling of more space.

 Small Room

  1. Leave windows uncovered

This will create a greater sense of depth.

 Small Room

  1. Avoid overhead lights

Instead of having one main light source on your ceiling, try to have multiple light sources throughout the room to enhance different parts.

 Small Room

  1. Utilize the space under your stairs

Although this usually requires at least a little bit of construction, there is so much potential for that great area underneath the stairs.

Small Room

What are some of your techniques when decorating a small space in your home? Let us know in the comments section!

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