Dos and Don’ts of Mixing Prints and Patterns



Spring is going to be here before we know it and with that comes a sense of needing refreshing which often includes more colors and patterns in fabric through out our life. Using patterns in your home is always a great idea to add that wow factor, but only if you are doing it right. If you don’t know how to use patterns, it can get pretty uncoordinated very quickly. Adding patterns can create depth, and give a room a custom look. Every print and pattern is unique so certain rules may be an exception with that one, but we have provided some of the basics to follow when you just need some help.



Use the rule of 3


Most designers recommend using up to three patterns in a room and no less. It helps balance each pattern out so one on its own isn’t too loud. Try to also use all three patterns in different scales. Mix big patterns with a tiny one. Just don’t do all of them with similar sizes.



Keep the same color hue or intensity


Using dark colors with a bright one might throw the room off. You want your room to have a theme or an inspiration. Just picking your three favorite patterns out of a pile usually doesn’t work. Using lighter tones together or all shades of reds are two examples of directions you should go.


Put all patterns on one side of the room




Avoid putting all pattern pieces on just one side of the room. It will make the room feel off balance and draw all attention to one area and make the other seem plain even if its not.

Over-do any one pattern


What can lead a room to feel uncoordinated is when everything is too matchy-matchy or every single item has a pattern to it. You need to be sure to use a base color family that is just a solid. It will cool down your patterns and keep them from being overly distracting. A non-pattern fabric or item is what blends all of those 3 patterns together.

When you are brave enough to use a bold pattern go for it! Just learn how to make sure it is balanced with other pieces in your home. Most people are scared to use a fun pattern, but those that do are the ones who end up with some of the most envied home interiors.


What are some of your tricks for using patterns in your home?

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