How to: Decorate your Entryway

Your entryway is the very first area a person sees in your home. There is something to be said for “first-impressions”, so you want to be sure that this very first one is good. Some people might just be stopping by and the only thing they ever see of your house is the entryway. Because this is true, your entryway may be the most defining and most important part of your home, which is often one of the most neglected.

But don’t fear! I have gathered a list for you to quickly give the plain and lifeless part of your home a make over before the next first-time visitor steps foot into your home.


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1) Pictures

The quickest and most simple way to give your entryway a complete facelift is with a collage of pictures. First go out and buy a bunch of different size frames (Target has great prices for all of the basics) but also invest in some unique ones to add character to the wall. With a collage it is better to not have the frames too matchy-matchy. If you have professional photos that is better but any family photos work great. Print those photos and fill your frames. Hang them all over an entryway wall with or without exact placement agenda, and BOOM a more lively and fun entry way! (Hint: you can also add non-photo wall art to bring even more fun to the area).

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2) Console Table

Using a console table is a personal favorite of mine for an entryway. It almost gives that area right inside your door the feeling that it is its own room. More counter space and drawers for storage never hurts either. You can decorate above or below the console table to really define the area. Add great accessory pieces such as candle, pictures, decorative trays, etc…


3) Bench

Just like a console table, a bench can also feel like you are adding another room on to your house. The bench can be used for when additional seating is needed around the home and other needed surfaces. A great idea I love is putting cubes or a cubby-like item underneath for kid storage. It can be for shoes, purses, backpacks, and so much more.



4) Rugs

I probably shouldn’t, but I am going to assume most of you reading don’t have carpet in their entryway. If you do, you can disregard this BUT I highly suggest hardwood for your entry. Rugs should be used for pretty much all entryways no matter what you decide of the options in this post. A rug livens up a room more than any other item you can put in there and an entryway should not be left on the back burner.

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5) Coat Hooks

Especially if you have children with backpacks and coats and they like to throw them down wherever they feel like after school. Distract them with a fun coat hanger in the entryway to have everything hung up and off the floor as well as to add décor. Two for one! (I love when that happens). Look for a sturdy wall piece with multiple hooks instead of trying to just add separate hooks in a room to your liking. Having a wall piece with multiple hooks create a more solid and decorative vibe. Decorate around the hooks with picture frames and wall art.


6) No Defined Entryway? No problem

If your front door walks right into your living room and you have absolutely no form of a foyer, don’t fret. Just add a screen divider and put a small console table in front of it and there you have it, a classy and easy entry way!


Again, an entryway should be an easier, stress-free part of your home to decorate even if it might be the most important. Its easier to decorate because its usually pretty small, so make the most out of your space.

Visit our Pinterest page to see other great entryway ideas.


What are some areas in your home that you would love advice on decorating? Leave a comment with your answer!


Happy Decorating!

3 thoughts on “How to: Decorate your Entryway

  1. Totally agree. Hallways are the first impression of your home, so should be welcoming and stylish. Often they are dumping grounds and through rooms with no soul. Adding simple things as you’ve mentioned, like a console table can really give a space definition and purpose, especially if you then add a few personal touch – flowers, candles. Mirrors are a great way to add a stunning feature that will also open up the space too :O)

    1. Thank you for the comment. We love mirrors also, that is a great point to bring up! There are endless possibilities that can be done to an entryway that often people don’t think about!

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