21 Mirrors That Make a Statement

mirrors1Mirrors are usually an afterthought for people when they are decorating a room. Often times when decorating a wall or counter space a mirror isn’t what pops into someone’s head to add as art. Here at Seldens we love mirrors and the boldness they can create in a room. There is so much diversity among mirrors it’s almost unbelievable. Mirrors serve both a décor and functional piece for your home and what is better than 2 uses from 1 item?! Mirrors can make a room appear larger and the reflections they create bring more light into a room without racking up an electricity bill as well.

mirrors13Source 1; Source 2


I have taken the liberty by going around our showroom and capturing the most unique mirrors and the ways they are used to show you a little inspiration on just how much of a statement a mirror can make. I also searched the internet high and low for the most eye catching mirrors anyone could find! There is no way you won’t be inspired to go out and create a whole new room scene in your home, just for a mirror.


Tip: Place a large mirror to the side of a bed on the back wall in your bedroom. It brings forward light in a very complementing way.

Tip: Entryways and hallways are perfects spaces for mirrors.


Tip: Always take in to consideration what “image” will reflect in the mirror at different angles depending on its placement. Certain angles can give off not attractive images or reflect too much light at sitting level.


Tip: Mirrors can be hung in multiples for a uniform look or a mis-match eclectic look to fill more space.



Tip: Mirrors are not just to be hung on the wall or for the floor. Place a mirror on top of a desk or dresser to add more height and visual aesthetics to the room.



There you have it, all the information you need to understand why mirrors are so amazing. What are some fun and unique things you have done with mirrors in your home?

Happy Decorating 🙂

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