The 5 Ps of Decorating your Occasional Table


Need to pump some life into your living room? Here are some designer tips to spruce up your coffee table or occasional table.

Purpose: What’s the main purpose or functionality of the table? What’s the demographic of the people that live in the house? Is it pet friendly, kid friendly, or party friendly?


Personality: You want something that tells a story, “YOUR STORY.” Consider an antique or something closely linked to your families past. Maybe something from a trip overseas or magazines that reflect your life style, interests, or hobbies. You want a piece that engages people’s curiosity, but remember form follows function.


Perspective: It’s key to break up the perspective with varying heights of objects on your table. Maybe fresh flowers (large), a framed picture of the family (medium), and some unique coffee table books (small), again form follows function.


Plants: It is always nice to have something organic on your coffee table. It will balance out any of your other items that are not. Without it, the look tends to feel like it is missing something. The organic item can be a real or fake and it doesn’t have to be a plant, things like rocks also count as an organic item.


Placement: Make sure everything has a spot that makes sense on your coffee table. If everything is all crammed on to one side, the whole look will appear lopsided. Evenly space decor out so that is flows well.


They key is to not over do any sort of decorating on a coffee table. They usually are there to be used so you need space on them. When you over do it and keep trying to add things that can make it frustrating, usually you need to take away. Sometimes even, one simple piece is all you need to decorate it!


Happy Decorating 🙂

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