Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring officially starts one week from tomorrow. With the sun and flowers also comes to urge and desire to clean. This is not just any cleaning, this is spring cleaning, and you want to get rid of things and make room, not just dust a few shelves.
There are so many items in our home that are filthy and covered in germs and we rarely seem to clean them. This is the perfect time to give those items a little sanitation and maybe it will motivate you to do it more often. (But let’s be realistic, you’ll be surprised if you clean some these items again within a year from now).

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Starting with the basics:
Remove all items from shelves and counter tops and dust! Using a duster honestly might work for day to day cleaning, but they really don’t do much and they carry and spread more dust around. Find a good quality product for your surfaces and actually wipe them down with a clean cloth. Make sure not to forget to dust those ceiling fans! That is the best way to build up the most resistance to dust. Don’t forget to wipe down all air vents in your house.
For spring cleaning you need a little more than the average vacuum job. Take those area rugs outside and shake them. Once you’ve done that you can either use a carpet cleaning product or if you are one of the lucky few that owns a carpet cleaner vacuum, now is the time to use that!
Now time to move your furniture and vacuum in those areas that you probably never have before. That carpet under there needs as much attention as the exposed carpet in your home. Also, you will be amazed at what you can find under those sofas, especially if you have children or pets.
It can be kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, refrigerators, bathroom drawers, or a lot of others. Whatever it is, take everything out and off the shelves. Wipe down all surfaces with a product pertaining to what it is you are cleaning (ex. Glass, wood, plastic, etc). Removing things off the shelves can be tedious but that is why this is Spring cleaning! On the other side of it, it might help you get rid of things that are just taking up space. Plan how you want everything to be put back and you will feel way more organized.


Deep Cleaning:
This is where my love for Lysol wipes comes in handy. Think about how often someone touches your light switches in your house, then think about how dirty people’s hands are. So when was the last time you cleaned those? That’s what I thought… Take those Lysol disinfecting wipes and go to town on those light switches, remote controls, door handles, Thermostat buttons, lamp switches, and cabinet door knobs. If you have children, find a safe product that you are comfortable using on toys because they may put it in their mouth, than clean away because we don’t even want to know what germs are crawling all over those.
*Also side note, your phone is one of the most germ infested items you will ever own. If you have a good case, wipe that baby down with a Lysol wipes as well. If not, research other ways to clean it. You are probably aware that it should be cleaned a lot more than once a year though…

Bath mats:
Wash and launder all bathmats. These are often forgotten because people think they aren’t that dirty because you use them right out of the shower when you are clean. They still need cleaning too. Most are able to be washed in a washing machine but check the brand and labels for cleaning instructions.


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Replace your shower liner if it has been awhile. They start to turn colors when they get gross and you want to do that before it happens. The bathroom tends to be a breeding ground for empty bottles and unused products. Throw these out if you haven’t used them more than once. They are just creating clutter in your life.
Windex is lovely and makes those windows oh-so clear. One place people often forget is the window tracks. The dirt and bugs that collect down there over time is terrible. Take a skinny nose vacuum to get the pieces that are moveable out. Then wipe down with warm soap and water and warning if you rarely do this, it will be gross. You might even need Q-tips to get in to the really small spots.


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Little things to not forget to clean:
-Baseboards and runners
-Upholstered furniture that needs washing (We have a post for some of those) Click Here
-Clean out your computer of unneeded downloads, pictures, and items that are just taking space. Also clean your computer with a safe product.
-Go through desk or office papers and get rid of papers you don’t need and organize the ones you do.
-Clean out the pantry of expired or disliked food.
-Clean your stove and oven. (This can sometimes be an overnight process so allow for time)
-Throw out or donate any clothing you haven’t worn in over a year.


Hopefully this helps you get ready for the next year ahead! What are some areas in your home that you need help on how to clean better? Write about it in the comments!
Happy Cleaning 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Extremely helpful post! There are so many cleaning tools I never used before, but they seem to be very easy and practical to clean with them. Thanks for the cleaning advises, I am going to start my deep cleaning next week and need to make some plan about it. Greetings

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