How To: Create Extra Seating in Your Home

Seating7When you have guests over, it’s nice to have a place for everyone to sit. Or if you have a large family, its also nice for everyone to have place to sit. Sometimes you have an unexpected amount of people and some end up on the floor and that’s just no fun. The solution is not to just add chairs in any space you can find, there are strategic “multipurpose” pieces that work great as an everyday furniture piece as well as a quick and easy place to sit.

Dining room:
Try using a bench for one side of the table. Chairs can chop up the options to just one or two seats per side, but with a bench you are able to squeeze a lot more people together when necessary.

Using a banquette seating arrangement instead of a regular table is another option. These built in benches are great and really fun to decorate. The only down side is they don’t move, so if you ever want a new look, it’s a lot tougher to get that. One side is the built in seats, and around the other half you can use chairs or benches to your appeal.




Living room:
Choose ottomans that flip and double as a table top and then can also flip over for a cushion. A plain old ottoman works great as well in place of a coffee table! If you want a hard surface to rest things on (to replace your coffee table) grab a large tray that goes well with the décor and use it to set on your ottoman to place things on.

Seating5Seating8(An in-house presentation by one of our designers)

Consider using a bench, chest, or even some sort of large ottoman at the foot of the bed. You don’t ALWAYS want to have to sit on your bed in your bedroom, sometimes you need to read something or look at something and you want another option other than lying in bed, so a bench is great. It’s great for putting on your shoes in the morning!



What are some creative ways you create more seating and space in your home?

Happy Decorating 🙂

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