Design Trend: Mismatched Bedside Tables


Today we are definitely seeing that eclectic, unique, and unexpected designs are in. A great way to play up this fun and fresh look is to shake things up with bed side tables, or even living room accent tables.
By placing two different nightstands on each side of your bed, you will be drawing in a different visual of your bedroom furniture than you have done before. This trend is not only for the rustic and eclectic design, but is works great for elegant and sophisticated rooms as well.



The trick is to have the tables complement each other, while still taking on different looks. They should definitely be the same height and size scale as each other.



Another fun way to look at this mismatched trend, is with lamps. In the past, home design favored consistent, matching lamps throughout a room. Now, we have found ways to change that up and bring new visuals that are really fresh.


You must remember though, we recommend to pick one or the other. Doing both mismatched lamps and mismatched nightstands is very overwhelming in a room. Find the right complementing yet different pieces can be a very visually pleasing look to spruce up your home.

Would you try one of these looks in your home? Leave us a comment with what you think!

Happy Decorating 🙂

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