2015 Outdoor Furniture Trends


If you’re like us here in Washington, summer weather shows up late and it appears out of nowhere. Our typical days right now until about June consist of rain, and then little breaks in-between with some sun. Since our warm weather creeps up on us, and spring is officially here, I figured I would help get you started on some inspiration for your outdoor furniture. I have compiled some of our favorite 2015 outdoor furniture looks you’re going to fall in love with!


Indoor look-alike:
Right now a very popular look for outdoor furniture, is having pieces such as a sofa, chair and coffee table that are made for outdoor durability but have the detail and presence of indoor furniture. The feel of them is light weight and long-lasting.


Modern and Simple:
The clean lines of this Tommy Bahama Outdoor set captivates the eye and brings a fresh and unique look to any backyard living space.


Bright Colors:
In clothing and in furniture alike, bright colors are in and here to stay. They give a liveliness to a sometimes rather dull area. You can go with your entire cushions as a bright color, or just use outdoor pillows for accents.


Large seating for multiples:
The usual dining tables and fire pit for outdoor tables are not the only furniture going outside now. There are double size lounging chairs, large sectionals, and other pieces intended for multi-person use that are making quite a statement.

The best part about all of this is that we sell it all at Seldens! Check out Seldens.com. Now go out there and create your outdoor living space, that way if you plan it now it will be all ready to go for you when that sun finally hits!

Happy Decorating 🙂

2 thoughts on “2015 Outdoor Furniture Trends

  1. I like the idea for large seating for multiple people. My favorite thing to do is invite company over, so it would be perfect for a barbeque or a similar event. I’m going to remember this idea for my outdoor furniture.

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