Your Guide to Choosing Curtains 

Here at Seldens we have a great drapery and window treatment department. One of the many things people don’t realize that we carry! I have searched online for great tips and using our own advice to put together some of the basics you need for putting curtains in your home. 



There are some great info graphics online I am going to add to this! 


The height of your curtains are very important. If they are long curtains, you don’t want the top to hit at the top of the window. For something more appealing to the eye, make sure the top of the curtains hit at least a few inches about the top of the window. Depending on the height of the room, you may have to adjust the suggested inches.



No matter the color theme in the room, having the curtains set to a more neutral color  is always best. Sometimes it is fun to match the curtain pattern to the pattern of an accent pillow in that room for a little more spunk.



This one depends on personal preference a lot. Some people like the more grand and elegant look for long curtains and some prefer the short sweet and simple idea for curtains. When it comes to long ones, you don’t want them too long that they trail on the ground. They should slightly brush the floor in order to not look sloppy. Short curtains should just reach about two inches before the base of the window to make sure it is all covered. 



Here is a great source for curtain terminology:



Curtains can be the finishing touch that a room needs. They make such a HUGE difference so you want to be sure that you’re doing it right. 

What are some go to tricks you use when choosing curtains in your home?

Happy decorating 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Your Guide to Choosing Curtains 

  1. I like how you suggested hanging your curtains five to seven inches about the window. My husband and I recently moved into a new house, and I’m going to be redecorating the living room. Not only would hanging the curtains higher look better, I think it would also help the room to feel bigger and more open.

  2. You advised having the curtains in your home be a more neutral color, as it can add to the existing color in the room. I have some nice blue throw pillows currently in my family room and wanted to get some curtains for the windows. I’ll have to find a service that has some unique yet complimentary blue curtains that I could put in my family room to help the other items to stick out more like you said.

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