Trend Watch: Rustic Home Decor

RusticPic1Rustic styles in the home are a popular theme right now that people are going for. Rustic can be described as a mix of distressed pieces, vintage finds, eclectic materials, and many other combinations of unique pieces with personality. The vibe can go in the direction you prefer whether it is industrial, charming, eclectic, country, or many others. Finding the right mixes of items that are unique yet somehow all make sense and look good together can be tricky. Something as simple as mixing two different bedside tables can be considered an eclectic idea that can be turned into the rustic charm decor as well. One way to add rustic charm to your house is to incorporate little decor slowly and not just dive right into making your largest furniture pieces the main rustic items in a room.

I have put together a collection of great pieces that should spark ideas to add rustic flare in your home!


One thing with rustic charm is that you can add even more personality by placing metallic pieces in combination with distressed pieces. That is what is so appealing to people is the wide variety of style options you are able to incorporate together with a rustic theme.

POST_pic2Another thing people should love about rustic charm is the ability to create a lot of decorative pieces on their own. If you have some artistic capabilities you should be able to save yourself some money by making fun pieces yourself at home!

Happy Decorating 🙂

RusticPic21.Uttermost Jalanili Mint Green Vases – Seldens

2.Nordstrom – Silver leaf metal pendant lamp

3.Nordstrom – Wood Wall Plaque

4.Anthropologie Piper roll holder

5.Seldens Vintage – classic home night stand

6.Etsy Hand Painted Blue Mason Jars

7.Seldens Uttermost Marlais Bronze Photo Frames

8.Seldens – Four Hands Rockwell stool

9.Nordstrom Letter lights

10.Etsy – Vintage Alarm clock

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