Great Ideas For Spring Time Entertaining

What comes with fun and unique outdoor furniture is having fun dreaming up what you are going to use it for! When buying furniture you think about all the fun entertaing you will do for your guests! Spring is here, and warm nights might be a hit or miss, but with these fun ideas you can bring that spring time vibe outside or inside!




Grilled Fish Tacos


Caprese Kabobs



Lemon Berry Proseco Sangria


Mint Mojito



Do it yourself
*This one can be considered an activity or for food. One thing that is great to do when people are eating is a “create your own masterpiece bar”. This can include things such as an ice cream sundae bar, pre-made beverage bar, build your own salad bar, nacho bar, crab feed, etc! Having your guest need to put a tiny bit of effort in to their own food creates fun and activities. (It also makes you party unique).

Horse Shoes
Card games


Bar Cart

Decorate a fun table setting with bright colors

What are some of your favorite Spring Time activities? Comment below and let us know!

Happy Decorating 🙂

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