Desk Decor

Your desk at home or at work is either completely clutter free or most likely an absolute mess. If your desk is stocked with all of the right supplies and décor, being organized is much easier. Decorating your desk in a practical way can be tricky. Even if you have a desk space at home and don’t use it, decorating is a key part. We have got tips and inspiration for you on how to arrange those desk items.


Make sure that you follow “Simple is better”. When you start adding every matching item to a desk set, that is when things start to become cluttered, making your work a mess.

Tommy Bahama Desk

Supplies such as a stapler, tape, etc should be left in a top drawer until needed (assuming you have a drawer).

Start with one unique piece and design your desk arrangement around that. If you have one piece that you love, it will lead to inspiration for the rest!

Bernhardt DeskPut something “natural” in your decor. Every theme of decor needs a natural element, even if it is really tiny. This can be a plant (real or fake), a rock, something made out of wood, or anything along those lines.

Create space off the top of your desk to keep papers organized. This means files in your drawers or filing units on the wall. This way you don’t have to look at that mess when you’re not working on it.


Source: TheEveryGirl blog has a great example of using one

If you have no where to put paper work that hides it, use a single tray and don’t let it over fill.

Find a motivational quote that you love and frame it or pin it to your bulletin board to get inspired everyday!


Source: they have amazing ideas on this blog!

Happy Decorating 🙂

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