Pantone 2015 Spring Colors

Every Year Pantone releases a color of the year, and for 2015 it was Marsala. Along with the #1 color, they release other hot colors for specific seasons as well. Pantone has said that this year they are moving towards softer and cooler tones, yet mixed with subtle warm tones. This spring there is 16, and we are absolutely loving some of them! Here are the 16 Spring 2015 colors:

Untitled-1When you’re at a loss of what colors to choose for a home, referring to the Pantone color palettes is a great way to get started. Certain colors are great for pairing together and others not so much. The website even recommends colors that go well with a certain tone.

Follow our Pinterest board to see ideas as we explore these colors more:

As times goes on we will choose our favorites and posts blogs about hot you can decorate with that color! Which colors are your favorite? Maybe it will be the first color we use!

Happy Decorating 🙂

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