How To: Decorate With Bright Colors

So you like bright colors, but you don’t want to decorate your house with them and have it turn out looking like a kid’s birthday party. We have good news, there are a lot of great ways to use bright colors in your home without going overboard!

Stick to same color palette-
Go for one color and use different shades of it. This is a great way to not get too crazy with color. In a rather neutral room, you can use all sorts of blue accents with different versions of blue. Or any other color. Or maybe something in family tones such as blue and purple or green and blue.


Always make the base theme neutral-
This is a great one to follow anytime you are using color. You need a base color to balance out any brighter ones. Decorate with color around that. Great base colors are white, beige, brown, black, gray, and those kinda of colors.


Pick an inspiration piece-
Maybe there is one décor item you found that accumulates a great variety of bright colors. Use that as your inspiration. Pull colors out of that piece and use them by themself throughout the room.


Pick a stand out piece-

Find a bright colored large item (preferably solid colored, but multi-colored works too) and make that your focal point in the room. Some ideas are a dresser, a rug, a chair, or a piece of art. Because it is a large item, you don’t want to match exactly all over. The idea is to put little pieces all over the room the compliment that stand out piece. Try to go for more toned-down versions of the main color.


Decorative pillows-
These are great because they can be switched out at any time or any season depending on what fun colors you want in your home. Having these be the main color part of the room allows you to mix and match without too much commitment.


Happy Decorating 🙂

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