What To Bring When Furniture Shopping

There is nothing worse than shopping for furniture and trying to guess what matches with your home and guessing what fits where. You can make the process so much more easier if you are prepared. 

There are a few things you should bring with you when furniture shopping to make it go smoother for yourself or for your designer. 

1) Blue Prints or room layout

Having these will help tremendously with size, especially if you’re buying multiple pieces of furniture. Shape, length, and width of a room make a huge difference in what will be good for a space. 

 2) Fabric samples

If you’re trying to match new decor and furniture to old items, bring sampleswith young the old pieces. This can be upholstery, rugs, leathers, and even curtains. Using a camera phone or even any other camera doesn’t perfectly display the right shade of the color. There is nothing worse than buying something and then getting it home and realizing it doesn’t match well. 

3) Images of the types of room you like

Even if the store you’re shopping at doesn’t have exactly the pieces you like in an image, it really helps for a designer to see your tastes for decor in order to get a feel for what you want. 

In general, you should bring anything that inspires you for a room. When in doubt bring it, you’ll be happy to have it with you. 

Happy decorating 🙂

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