U.S. Open Inspiration: Country Club Theme

The 2015 US Open is here! It is creating quite an excitement in our little area of the Puget Sound at Chambers Bay. There is a certain aspect to the romance and art of the golf world. If you have ever been in a country club, you will rarely see a modern design to the place and décor. Golf and everything surrounding it encompass traditional details, dark rich colors, and masculine energy. In honor of the U.S. Open kicking off, were putting together some pieces to show that look brought to life. (Think scotch and cigars.)

The types of materials that create that masculine feel is leather and wood. A great line that we carry called, Stickley is one of the most collected furniture pieces. The quality is one of a kind as well as its look, that plays great into a masculine/Country Club vibe.

With this, you of course need to add a rich colored area rug for added warm and lots of detailed and darker colored accent pieces.

This Dunhill jacket plays into this country club look with the tailored fit, 6 buttons, and clean line details. It is paired well with these light colored slacks. We matched this Callaway golf bag with the reds from the Dunhill dress coat. This look is not just for the big fancy country clubs, it looks great and sophisticated in any home.

StickleyDiningHappy Decorating 🙂

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