Designer Showcase: Contemporary Design With A Country Vibe

This presentation room set up was done by our ever so talented Bonnie Stromberg. Bonnie’s customer wanted a country vibe with a contemporary feel and she hit that perfectly. The studded Bernhardt sofa and chair are rustic yet sophisticated. They really are the attention grabbing pieces of the room.



Classic Concepts ChairThis family of four needed something functional but also more mature now that the kids are older. With that look, the room is decorated nicely and feels comfortable. When a room becomes too fancy, its almost like living in a museum, making you feel like you can’t actually “live” in it. The subtle browns, balance out the red, making Bonnie’s room feel down-to-earth. Great work Bonnie! ELK lamp  ART tableWe luckily were able to catch a glimpse of a fun step in the design process. this is when the designer creates a vision board and where the designer and the customer start creating their master piece together!


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