Vanilla! Yummy or Blah?

Summer is officially here and that means even warmer weather and brighter colors. How are you handling the heat? Do you go Bold or calm… How about timeless? Seldens Area Rug – Gelato inspired collection may just be what your soul is craving for. I like to use the sunshine as my inspiration, go bold with a pop of color to satisfy my vigorous cravings yet keep it calm with sweet hues of a Vanilla Gelato. Now that is timeless, or some might say YUMMY!!!
Mafi International Gelato collection, boldly states that bright colors are not just for your kid’s room anymore. In fact, a rug can be and should be a focal point in your room. Why not make it standout. I like to use the rug as a guide to set the tone for the rest of my decoration project. When I step out of my comfort zone, that is when the magic and inspiration takes shape.
Dark leathers, brown shades, and complimentary colored accent pieces are the best way to design with this rug. The color palette is included in Pantone’s Spring 2015 colors as Custard Yellow, so finding inspiration for it is not difficult. The light blue and pops of red and orange are a great way to build ideas for colored accessories. The Arteriors lamp is a perfect addition to this room with just that touch of pale blue.
To me vanilla is a timeless color. I see it frequently used in accessories, jewelry, and clothing fashion. This Stanley Furniture – Coastal Living Cottage collection represents full room sets in this shade.
The Gelato collection is full of fun and unique pieces, and with the custom features offered, you can both walk on the edge or dream tranquilly.
Do you go Bold or calm… How about Vanilla? After all, it is all about Gelato in the sun!

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