4th of July Party Hosting Ideas

Personally, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I love being outside in the warm air, grilling on the BBQ, watching fireworks, and spending time with those people you care about. There is something about the atmosphere of the 4th of July, not to sound cheesy but the word freedom comes to mind. This holiday is a lot more carefree and relaxing than others because of a lot of reasons, one including that fact that it is summer break.

I have put together a list of the best patriotic party ideas from across the web. You will be the best party host or will be bringing the best themed treats in no time!


-These adorable tin can utensil holders from Stockpiling Moms are simple to make and so adorable!

-Inexpensive decorations that don’t look cheap are my favorite. This clothes pin wreath from Preciously Paired is perfect for any outside get together.

-Fun glow light signs for guests found on Pinterest


-These french fry cups are one of the cutest ideas I have ever seen. And is so smart because it makes things so much more efficient especially when kids are around.

-Fruit & cheese platter found on Pinterest. It’s a healthy, colorful, and easy food option!

– Red, White, & Blue strawberries from The Sister’s Cafe, look delicious!

-4th of July Sangria: from Imagine Design blog


Make sure you have enough comfortable seating around outside for all of your guests. There is nothing worse than having to stand outside during hot weather or worse than having to stand to watch fireworks! Visit our site to see the great deals we have no on outdoor furniture.

For more ideas visit our Pinterest Board.

What are some great ideas you have for 4th of July Party hosting? Leave us a comment!

Happy 4th of July 🙂

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