Creating A Traditional Bedroom Masterpiece

A traditional room design typically is cozy and relaxing. It contains curved woodwork, sturdy furniture, and usually a richer color tone. Elegant fabrics, fringe accents, and molding are just some of the examples of the fine details that usually go in to a traditional room design.
People have always gravitated toward this look because it seems while other themes and looks come and go, traditional designs are a constant and will always be “in style”.

I have put together some pieces that would play well in a traditional style room.

This Stanley Furniture bed pairs great with just about any matching décor you might want to go with. I chose to use this area rug from Mafi International of Seldens Area Rugs, as the focal point for my room. The curves of the design as well as the color palette are what make this rug compliment well in a traditional room.

Along with that is the Uttermost wall clock with a thick bronze distressed border and detailing as well as the gold candle holder.

Throw in a similar color lamp and a touch of a natural element (the flowers) as the final key piece to this bed room and you have yourself an up-to-date traditional room that you will love for years to come.

Here are some other great traditional room designs we found:






Happy decorating 🙂

Would you use Traditional design elements in your home? Leave us a comment!

2 thoughts on “Creating A Traditional Bedroom Masterpiece

    1. Traditional pieces can have so much history and technique to the construction. We completely agree!

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