A Contemporary Room Design

As we go along in the process of identifying different room designs, (last week was Traditional Design) make sure to notice differences in furniture shape, room layout, and other details such as those. Today we are putting together a contemporary room design.


Contemporary design includes a range of elements and features and that I what it can be so confusing. Soft round lines are common in a contemporary look which is opposite to straight clean lines in a modern look. The colors of the room are usually lighter in color while sometimes having pops for color around.

The tufted sofa from Hooker Furniture adds a great in-between element of that mix of different design types. I used this as the focal piece because of its striking features. The Mafi International rug from Seldens Area Rugs, blends everything together perfectly with subtle color changes throughout its pattern.

The next focal piece that allowed me to bring color to the room was the wall art from Bassett Furniture. I paired the Uttermost vases and hanging lamp to add different textures of shine and glass while blending the colors.

Last but not least, the coffee table from Bernhardt was the final touch to make it a true contemporary room. This coffee table is probably the most modern piece for this room because of its small features, but it makes a statement because it is the supporting side of the modern spin needed to make this contemporary room.

Would you choose a contemporary room or a traditional room for your home? Leave us a comment!

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