A Modern Living Room Creation


The next room design we are going to explore is a Modern Room design. It can be similar to a contemporary design, but only because of what type of décor is popular right now. Modern Design can be described in two words, bright and bold. Ultra minimalist shaped furniture, straight lines, open airy floor plans, and often bright colors, make up a modern room.

A common trend I see it using plush rugs with an ultra-modern room. I believe it adds that needed sense of comfort. Sometimes modern rooms can look like a museum, so adding a few warm and cozy things here and there help balance it out. I choose this soft rug from Mafi International rugs at Seldens Area Rug Department.

The American Leather recliner gives us that inspiration of color, which I played the accessories off of. A modern room doesn’t have too much of the décor stuff, its focus is a simple plan.

To finish the final touches, I added this pillow from Bassett Furniture to compliment the wall art and chair. Next I included the Bernhardt coffee table because of the low height, it reflected a modern room as well as its color.

Then the Palliser sectional was used because of its low structure and straight lines. I completed the room with this Arteriors lamp and bowl. The color compliments the orange but doesn’t match it, making the room not a matching orange-overload.

How do you feel about modern interiors? Do you think it is clean and refreshing, or stiff and plain?

Happy Decorating 🙂

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