Make Your Home Cozy For Fall With These Simple Tricks


Fall is officially just one week away and with the season change, it’s the best time of year to switch up your home décor. When it starts to get colder outside, you want it to get cozier inside. So we have compiled décor suggestions for you to do just that!

What is cozier than pillows and blankets? Add a throw blanket to your sofa and pile on the pillows! You can even choose patterns and colors for temporary, seasonal fun.


Create a place setting on your dining table and make sure to add a fabric table runner!


If you don’t already have one, add a rug to non-carpeted areas! It is a great way to keep your toes warm during the colder months. If you already have a rug, you can layer multiple rugs with different shapes and textures, try it out!


Replace those light and airy drapes with heavier ones. Even try adding fun “warm” colors, it really adds a cushioned feel to the room.


Make up for the shorter fall days by adding candles. They are great way to add light to a darker room. Candles also give off a natural essence of calm, so it creates the perfect atmosphere to get cozy!


Last but not least, if you have a fireplace, prep it! Clean it out and get any tools needed to build a fire because colder days are ahead! P.S. if you’re brave you can find a neat way to store firewood in your house, it adds an amazing natural element of comfort and warmth in the right room décor.



Fireplace doesn’t work? Put numerous candles inside and light them when you desire, it surprisingly gives the same visual effect!


What sort of things do you like to do around your home in the fall? Leave us a comment!

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