9 Fabulous Accent Chairs For Every Style

When buying living room furniture, there is always the option to buy a matching set. An identical sofa, love seat, and chair, are ready to go and you know they look good together, so why wouldn’t you buy them? We are going to dare you to go bold and break the usual habit of shoppers. Find a fun and funky accent chair to add come character to your simple living room. The amount of shapes, sizes, and colors, of accent chairs are endless – take a look for yourself! (Click the images to find out more about the chairs)

  1. Hooker Furniture – Leather Club ChairChair1

2. Hooker Furniture – Seven Seas Wood Club Chair


3. Armen Living – Noho Fabric Arm Chair


4. Hooker Furniture – Seven Seas Recliner Chair


5. Palliser Furniture – Bridgeport Accent Chair


6. Palliser Furniture – Knightsbridge Swivel Chair


7. Armen Living – Bonded Leather Maxton Chair


8. Palliser Furniture – Othello Accent Chair


9. Palliser Furniture – Wynona Armless Chair



If you decide to stray away from the perfectly matching living room set, have fun with it. Mix leather sofas with fabric chairs or vice versa. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a bright colored print fabric chair will do for a room. An accent chair is not only for the living room, add one or two to a bedroom, a hallway, or an office, think of it as a large decor piece!

To make sure your new accent chair goes with your room, use it to “sprinkle” bits of its color around the room through decoration pieces.

Do you like the go bold with an accent chair, or do you like to have it match your sofa? Leave us a comment!

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