17 Halloween And Fall Activities To Do This Year

1) Switch out basic home décor to make it feel like Fall.
Read our tips here.

2) Visit a pumpkin patch.
Go pick out your pumpkins at a farm instead of just buying them at the grocery store. Often times these farms have fun activities for people of all ages to do while visiting.

3) Carve/paint Pumpkins.
Carving pumpkins too messy for you? Paint a unique design on it instead!

4) Decorate your home.
Who doesn’t love an excuse to breakout the season’s décor you’ve had stored away for the past year? Do it early and make Halloween last even longer!

5) Make a creative DIY Halloween costume.
Make your costume this year one of a kind by creating your own.

6) Go for a hay ride.

7) Visit a haunted house.

Find out what kind of haunted houses are in your area. Make sure to check the ages it is suitable for depending on who you are bringing with you.

8) Adopt a shelter dog.
October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Visit your local shelter and add a furry friend to your family. Read about adopting here

9) Make crockpot recipes.
Check out all of these delicious options from KitchMe

10) Go to an Oktober Fest – festival.
Research what is going on in your area!

11) Cozy up and watch classic Halloween movies or scary movies.
For example; Casper, The Addams Family, Edward Scissor Hands, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and so many more!

12) Go on a historic or spooky ghost tour of your city (if available).
Here in Seattle and Tacoma, we have great options for this!
Here: http://spookedinseattle.com/
Here: http://www.tacomaghosttours.com/

13) Add pumpkin or cinnamon scented candles in your home.
Everyone loves the special scents that are only acceptable to use during fall months.

14) Watch a lot of football.
Tis’ the season of pig skin and jerseys.

15) Capture photos.
The unique colors of fall leaves and plants turns out amazing in photos, take advantage of it.

16) Collect leaves to use as décor around your home.

17) Have a spooky dinner potluck with friends or start one for a day at work.
Check out these ideas from Better Homes And Gardens.

What are Halloween traditions you like to do every year? Leave us a comment!

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