Pink Furniture For Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 6 Rooms That Will Make You Want To Redecorate


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to promote continued awareness and prevention of the disease. We thought we would do our part in spreading awareness by bringing it to our blog!
When you think of pink furniture and décor in your home, you may think of Barbie dolls, and ballerina slippers, things for a little girl, but not any longer! Pink can be used for grown up home décor as well. There are so many shades and variations of pink that each one can set a different tone. Keep patterns sophisticated and lines clean to so that the pink doesn’t take over the room.
Here are furniture pieces and complete rooms that will surely change the way you think about using pink in your home!

A beautifully decorated Bernhardt Interiors living room. The contrasting colors make the room feel warm and cozy!


Check out this Stanley Furniture Entertainment Console. This would make an amazing statement piece.


Another great example from Bernhardt Interiors. A soft touch of a pink rug pairs nicely with such an immaculate dining table.


This AMAZING kitchen from HGTV is absolutely stunning. This color of pink is so unique and most would not think to use it.

Source Click Here


Here is another room from Stanley Furniture. This is a great example of a light and fresh room with just touches of pink throughout.


This bathroom from HGTV combines the right use of color tones to make the pink walls very elegant.

Source Click Here

Pink7Would you dare to use pink in your home? Let us know in the comment section!

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