Our Bernhardt Interiors Display Is Complete!


For the past month we have been doing a little remodeling in our Tacoma showroom. The walls were torn down and the tiles were ripped up. With new walls, new floors and paint there is now a gorgeous new section of our showroom displaying Bernhardt Interiors Furniture. When you walk in to the new area, you will understand why we wanted to showcase these pieces. The furniture is so full of art and eye-catching details, you will be inspired to re-design your entire home!



Bernhardt Furniture has been around for over 125 years, so we can easily say they know what they are doing when it comes to furniture. As a continued family owned and operated business, you know that every detail is important to them when providing great quality furniture for their customers.

Bernhardt5  Bernhardt10


Bernhardt Interiors is a special line of furniture that Bernhardt established in 2008. They describe this line as, “A curated whole-home collection of eclectic, customizable, high-design furniture. Available at mainstream price points from a range of global retail outlets and residential designers.” They want you to be able to use this furniture as your own architectural wardrobe. Pieces are made all over the world for that added touch of unique detail and to bring you that top notch quality and tailoring.

Now that our new Interiors showroom is complete, you must visit it. We dare you not to fall in love with the pieces!

Bernhardt3  Bernhardt7



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