Spare Bedroom Must Haves: Preparing For Holiday Visitors


Hosting out of town visitors can be stressful because you want to make sure they feel at home and are comfortable. Preparing a guest room with all the essentials for your guest can make everyone’s time more relaxed and enjoyable. Whether you have a spare bedroom, or you are temporarily converting an office or child’s bedroom, we have the suggestions you’ll need for the perfect guest escape!


  • Add fresh flowers to brighten up the room.


  • Make sure the room is nice and cozy with lots of blankets and pillows.
  • Have a clock for your guests to use if they do not have a cell phone.


  • Put together a few “travel size” essentials that travelers tend to forget. Use a decorative jar or basket and your guests won’t have to feel awkward asking to borrow anything of yours.
  • Add a touch of them to the room. If it is a close friend or family staying with you add a photo of you together to make them feel more at home and to take a trip down memory lane.
  • If possible, provide counter space for guests to set things on or fold clothes. If there is nowhere to set anything down, it has to go on the floor which is no fun.
  • Add water and snacks for guests so they can easily grab what they want.
  • Provide light reading material such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc.


  • Make sure there is somewhere to place their suitcase that is not on the floor. (i.e. a luggage rack or bench)
  • Check to make sure plugs or a power strips are available and not blocked by furniture so guests can recharge phones, computers, etc.
  • If your TV and/or remote is confusing try leaving a typed list of instructions on how to use it.
  • Hang some sort of mirror, it can be small or it can be full length. It’s nice for guests to have especially if they do not have a separate bathroom.

Don’t forget that you should always have clean sheets on the bed for guests, and clean towels ready to go for them to use. Your guest will appreciate what you’ve done and feel that much more welcome.


What things do you do to prepare your home for guests? Leave us a comment!


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