Brand Spotlight: Caracole


Caracole by definition means a slow, turning movement. To the Caracole Furniture Company it means, a turn in a new direction. In October of 2009 they launched this furniture with the idea to set themselves apart from the rest. The focus was a furnishings line that was playful, has personality, and maintained quality construction.


The makers of Caracole do not want to be tied down to just a “casual” look or just a “formal” look, so you will find very often, a bit of both in every piece. This allows the mixing of pieces to be easily put together to create the masterpiece you desire for any room. In order to make sure you find what you need for your home every time, the people over at Caracole have provided more than 75 finishes and materials: exotic woods, mixed elements and hand-applied finishes.



From the fun and entertaining names of each piece, to the great prices, Caracole furniture is one of a kind. Because of the furniture’s ability to fit perfectly with almost any room design, the pieces will last you from room change to room change or house to house.




If you are looking for quality furniture that can make a statement all by itself, and works well with just about anything, then Caracole is for you! Visit our Tacoma showroom and see some of the pieces on the floor or visit us online at

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