Spruce Up Your Home For The New Year

The New Year is a time for renewal so make a change, not a resolution.

For a lot of people it starts with goal making such as weight loss or being more organized. Other areas of your life might also be wanting a little “face lift”.

We’ve got some budget friendly ways to spruce up your home and give it a renewed and different look for the new year.


Paint a room, a wall, or a whole house.
You will be able to maintain all the same furniture in your home if you just pick a paint color that pairs well. Go warmer with a darker color or go brighter with a lighter color. Add some spunk by painting just one feature wall. Paint can make a drastic difference if you want it to.



Choose a new rug.
Make a statement with a bright area rug.


Re-arrange furniture
Switching up the way your furniture is arranged will bring a completely different vibe to the room.


De-clutter and get more organized.
Clutter equals stress so getting rid of junk is the best way to not only make your house look cleaner, but also to relieve the stress of not being able to find things.

Fix up broken down furniture.
If you have stains, broken arms, or any other type of damage to your furniture, it’s time to fix it or replace it. Check the warranty on items you have purchased or do some research for what you might be able to do in-home before you bring it to a store.


Change up décor pillows and minor accessories.
Hints of color that are new will make a room feel like it is completely different. Different shades will bring varying vibes out in a room.

Replace old photos in your frames with more current ones.
That picture of you from 2000 is not at all what you look like now. Switch out old photos with more current ones so it doesn’t look like you haven’t touched your home décor in years.


Clean out products and foods that have expired or you just will never use.
Although that strange bottle of hair ointment you bought has been sitting under your sink for 4 years untouched, you still think you just might use it. Wrong . . . just throw it away, you won’t even miss it. Creating room for new things, or just making it cleaner is the ultimate goal.

Even though it may be a cliché to want to start a new change in your life every year, why not just embrace it? Switch things up and try something different.

What are some things you like to do around your home to spruce it up? Leave us a comment!


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