Brand Spotlight: American Leather®


In 1990 American Leather® Founder/CEO Bob Duncan had an innovative idea: create custom leather furniture that could be made and shipped in 3 weeks or less, that is three times faster than the industry average. Starting from a small four person shop, American Leather® has now grown to over 130 different locations and is sold in over 650 stores.



American Leather® takes pride in knowing that they are building furniture that is made to last. Each piece of wood is cut to an exact measurement so that it’s certain that all of the pieces fit together with minimum tolerance. Their notch interlocking system is what creates the strong frame. American Leather® uses unidirectional webbed suspension seating to ensure a brilliant design that has a long life of firmness to each piece. Each firmness combination is matched specifically to each frame to ensure the most durable and comfortable feel. With hundreds of leather and fabric options you’ll be guaranteed to find a color and type that is just right for you.


Best known for their impressive recliners, American Leather® offers much more. American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper ® is like no other. No bars. No springs. No sagging. You can make a statement with a sofa or sectional from American Leather®. Choose from hundreds of leather and fabric covers and a range of sectional configurations for a style that reflects your great taste. With so many different size options and comfort levels the products will make you question how you ever lived without an American Leather® piece in your home before.


Stop by one of our showrooms today and try it out for yourself.

Seldens Website

American Leather Website

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