What is Mid-Century Modern?

A.R.T. Home Furnishings

Time and time again the look of Mid-Century Modern furniture finds its way back into our lives. What makes MCM furniture special is its simplicity, clarity of form and the ability to never go out of style.

Caracole Furniture
A.R.T. Home Furnishings

Mid-Century Modern design was introduced from roughly 1933 to 1965. Think of the show Mad Men, the TV series is a living picture of the original Mid-Century Modern era. From tapered legs to its distinct architectural design this style is something familiar from the past but with a new, fresh spin.

A.R.T. Home Furnishings
Caracole Furniture

Whenever we add new pieces of Mid-Century Modern to our showroom floors there is always a slight twist to the design that makes it relevant to the current time. Right now we have new MCM furniture pieces in our stores and they are extraordinary! Pairing Mid-Century modern with traditional and current modern pieces will help you avoid looking like you are living in the past. The clean lines and elimination of unnecessary detail will allow you to mix it up with fun colors and vintage décor pieces.

A.R.T. Home Furnishings
Bernhardt Interiors

Stop by one of our stores or visit us online at www.seldens.com and get started on your timeless Mid-Century Modern home today!

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