Stone & Leigh: Our New Youth Furniture


We are so excited to announce that Seldens is now carrying children’s furniture! Stanley Furniture has created a line of youth furniture titled Stone & Leigh. This line brings you through childhood imaginations of cottages and countryside inspirations. It features five difference collections that have transitional-age pieces. From cribs, to first “big kid” beds, to youth beds. The cribs have available toddler bed kits that lower the rails to allow more independence for your children. All accompanied with desks, nightstands, dressers, etc. Each collection has a relaxing look of traditional details, while maintaining a spin with modern flair.

The motto of Stone & Leigh is “Taking you from the nursery to high school, and all the years in between.” Come visit this brand new line on the floor of our Tacoma showroom today!


Visit us at: or see the line at

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