Hosting Overnight Guests: 101


Want that perfect guest room for overnight visitors? The first step is to “think like a guest.” What conveniences or perks do you like when you travel? With summer upon us and all the activities that come with it you’ll want to prep your guest room and be ready for the unexpected visitor. Remember whether family or friends you’re inviting them to be your ‘guest’.

1) Spend the night in your guest room. In the morning ask yourself; “how did I sleep?” Did you wake up refreshed? Do you need a new mattress for the guest bed? Is the bed too high or too low for your visitors?


2) Have an extra blanket and pillows available for your guests’ personal comfort.

3) Put out some toiletries, fresh towels and fresh flowers to help create that spa atmosphere we relish when traveling.

4) Supply the room with light reading like magazines and an area travel guide. Don’t forget to make sure there’s a lamp next to the bed for reading.

5) Create a “Help Yourself” snack and beverage area for the guest room.

6) Make sure there’s an accessible outlet; these days most of us have a cell phone and other devices that will need recharging. If you have Wi-Fi write the password down and leave it in the room.

7) Ask about favorite foods and/or special dietary needs and stock the kitchen fridge. During the visit if your guest offers any kitchen help make them feel welcome by saying “yes”.


Hosting overnight guests should be a pleasure not a chore. Follow these simple suggestions and have a fun and stress free visit and enjoy the company.

For even more hosting ideas visit our Pinterest board “The Overnight Visitor Must Haves”

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