Taking It Outside: Outdoor Kitchens

The backyard barbecue has come a long way…extend your living space with an outdoor kitchen. In the last few years outdoor kitchens have become more and more common. If you’re thinking of creating a kitchen in your backyard there are 3 things you need to consider; layout, function and storage.

Start your outdoor kitchen design by making a list of must-have items. This could include a gas grill, a sink, an island, a pizza oven, a dining space or a bar. Outdoor kitchen configurations are generally similar to indoor kitchen layouts. Your backyard space, your cooking style, and your budget will determine the layout you choose.




The popularity of outdoor kitchens has created a market for factory-made outdoor kitchen kits in a variety of customizable styles. These kits allow you to build your own outdoor kitchen with minimal DIY know-how.


There are definitely benefits to cooking outdoors. You can reduce the heat that warms your home when cooking indoors on a hot day. Lessen the mess inside the house since all the preparation and cooking is done outside. You can minimize your clean-up effort and lastly, an outdoor kitchen extends and adds value to your home.

If you can’t stand the heat, put the kitchen outside. Ready…set…cook!

For more inspiration and ideas for outdoor kitchens visit our Pinterest page https://www.pinterest.com/seldensdesign/taking-it-outside-outdoor-kitchens/

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