BACKYARD MOVIE NIGHT: The Stay-in Drive-in

Who doesn’t love a drive-in theater watching movies under the stars? How about a stay-in drive-in? Create your very own movie night right in your own backyard. How convenient is that?

A drive-in theater usually consists of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand and a large parking area for automobiles. You won’t need the parking but you’ll need some seating. Here are 5 things that will be sure to make your movie night an “award winner”.

  • MOVIE SCREEN. You can go full on DIY and use a drop cloth tacked to the side of a building or hang it between trees. Go all out and purchase or rent a professional outdoor screen; they even come inflatable!

SCREENS_side_house SCREENS_inflatable

  • CONCESSIONS. What’s a drive-in movie without the concession stand and the smell of freshly popped corn? Try some easy to make grab and go snacks like cotton candy cones or a selection of candy.


  • SEATING. You can use folding chairs, outdoor furniture, a futon, pillows, or blankets. You can even make a seat out of an inner tube and fabric!


  • THE MOVIE. At the end of the day it’s all about the movie; pick a good one!

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