Party with the Big Kids!

Before we have to start racking leaves in the yard we thought it would be fun to host a party with the “big kids”, aka “adults”.

First things first, pick a theme. How about a wine and cheese tasting? If you and your friends are beer drinkers brew up a party with a beer tasting. A “special” cocktail for the evening is always a hit with guests. Whatever theme you pick make it easy on yourself so you can enjoy the party too; invite your guests to bring a bottle of wine AND a friend.


Get this Fresh Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini recipe

To set the mood, try some soft outdoor lighting and/or table decors. Having good lighting when the sun sets will make your outdoor space more enjoyable for your company to sip a cocktail and have a snack.


Learn to make these Tin Can Lanterns


When planning your food and drink areas place them wisely to help control the traffic flow. We find that putting the bar and food in different areas gets your guests circulating but you want them far enough from the door or pathway so your guests don’t get bunched up. Make some great adult snacks and appetizers, set them out once and just refill. A bar cart can be extremely helpful in getting food and drinks from the house to the patio with minimum effort. We love the Tommy Bahama Tré Chic bar cart below.




Don’t forget the seating. Comfortable seating for your guests will promote great conversation and a fire pit will add coziness. To get your guests mingling have some adult party games ready to go.


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