10 Ways To Use Pumpkins & Gourds

This time of year we see plenty of pumpkins and gourds every time we go to the grocery store. There is a multitude of sizes from huge to mini pumpkins and tons of different kinds of gourds. If you’re wondering how to use them in your autumn decor here are 10 examples we thought were pretty terrific.

Set an autumn table with a centerpiece using pumpkins and/or gourds.

gourd-pumpkin-table-1 gourd-pumpkin-table-2 gourd-pumpkin-table-3 gourd-pumpkin-table-4

For instructions follow this link.
Learn how to make these faux ceramic gourds.

Add a touch of harvest to your décor with these topiaries.

pumpkin-topiary-1 pumpkin-topiary-2

This topiary is both elegant AND creepy, perfect for Halloween!


Make this hand painted pumpkin topiary.

Celebrate the harvest, use your imagination and have fun . . .  may the harvest be with you!

For more Fall Décor ideas please visit our Pinterest Board https://www.pinterest.com/seldensdesign/fall-decor-ideas/

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