5 Steps to Floral Designing in Silk

Our clients who travel frequently find it difficult to keep fresh flowers or plants in their homes.  Luckily, there is a wonderful solution available to them in the form of silk flowers.  Arrangements can be customized to suit any location.  Size, container, color, flower, and foliage choice can all be arranged to suit!

Seldens Designer, Lori Broznowski, shows you step by step how she put together a beautiful silk arrangement. One of the many ways our designers go above and beyond for their clients.

Step 1: Start with a beautiful container that looks great in the space. We chose this gorgeous rimmed bowl from Wildwood.


Step 2: Fill the container tightly with dry oasis.


Step 3: Layout all the floral elements you’ll be using in your arrangement. For our floral arrangement we used:

  • Cymbidium Orchid in White with Burgundy accents


  • Hen and Chicks deep burgundy succulent for contrast


  • Symphony orchid in lime green


  • Orchid Leaf Plants
  • Amaranthus Spray


  • Moss for the top


Step 4: Start creating your masterpiece! Get inspired by nature and begin experimenting.

Step 5: Place your arrangement in its new home. Below is Lori’s finished project in the workroom and on her clients’ mantel.

Remember it’s your unique creation, so have fun and make it your own.

For some basic tutorials and inspiration on fresh and silk floral design please visit our Pinterest Board DIY Floral Arrangements.

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